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The name of this organization shall be the GLEN AFTON COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION hereafter referred to as "GACA".



SECTION 1: To serve as a central organization for the exchange of ideas and for the planning of social functions for the residents of Glen Afton, and for the dissemination of information about area and citywide issues.

SECTION 2: To aid in achieving a more livable and prosperous city, by active participation in the Trenton Council of Civic Associations (TCCA) and through interactivity with other civic associations.

SECTION 3: To foster an awareness by all people of the importance of dignity in the home and civic pride in their neighborhood. To help retain the beauty and high standards of our presently desirable neighborhood.

SECTION 4: To contribute to and foster interest in all planning of the city of Trenton.



SECTION 1: The Glen Afton Community Association shall be open to all residents of Glen Afton (see Section 2 for boundaries), eighteen (18) years of age or older. A household is entitled to as many members as are eligible. Each member is entitled to one vote and participation in meetings.

SECTION 2: The boundaries shall include homes on the following streets and all streets in between: Shelburne Avenue, School Lane, Mill Drive, the 100 to 600 blocks of Sanhican Drive, River Drive, Abernethy Drive, Morningside Drive, and Afton Avenue.



SECTION 1: The annual dues for each resident is Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) per household.

SECTION 2: Dues shall be payable at any time throughout the year and are for that current year. A membership year is defined as January 1 to December 31.



SECTION 1: There shall be at a minimum four (4) meetings per year, the dates to be selected by the Executive Board. These meetings will be on a Quarterly basis, with the first quarter being from January 1 to March 31; the second quarter from April 1 to June 30; the third quarter from July 1 to September 30; the forth quarter from October 1 to December 31.

SECTION 2: A quorum for the transaction of business at a regular or special meeting shall consist of at least ten (10) members in good standing. If a quorum is not present, notice of the transaction will be published in the next newsletter to be distributed prior to the next regular business meeting. The matter will be voted upon at the next regular business meeting regardless of quorum.

SECTION 3: Actions by the GACA must be approved by a simple majority of the members present. A simple majority is half plus one.



SECTION 1: The GACA shall elect the following officers to the Executive Board: President, Vice President, Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.



SECTION 1: Any member in good standing shall be eligible to hold office in GACA.

SECTION 2: Nominations may be made from the floor at the third (3rd) quarter meeting of an election year.

SECTION 3: Elections shall be held at the fourth (4th) quarter meeting of an election year.

SECTION 4: Each elected officers, beginning with the first (1st) quarter meeting, shall serve a two (2) year term. An officer may serve only two (2) consecutive terms in a particular office.

SECTION 5: The Executive Board shall have the authority to fill all vacancies occurring in the Executive offices by appointment, to complete the remaining portion of an unexpired term.



SECTION 1: - PRESIDENT - The President is the executive officer of the GACA. He/she shall preside over all meetings, appoint all committee members, coordinate the dissemination of information, and shall be a member ex?officio of all committees.

SECTION 2: - VICE PRESIDENT- The Vice President shall act as presiding officer in the absence of the President. He/she shall be a member ex-officio of all committees.

SECTION 3: - SECRETARY The Secretary shall record the minutes of all GACA and Executive Board meetings, and make copies available to GACA members as may be required from time to time. The Secretary shall process all correspondence for the GACA, chair the Distribution Committee, and shall maintain suitable files of correspondence.

SECTION 4: - TREASURER ​At the direction of the GACA or Executive Board, the Treasurer shall receive and deposit all monies in a bank; shall make disbursements by check; shall present a Treasurer's Report at each of the GACA regular meetings.



SECTION 1: The GACA shall maintain the following standing committees: Programs and Planning, Distribution, and Fundraising.

SECTION 2: - PROGRAMS & PLANNING COMMITTEE The Programs and Planning Committee shall be responsible for planning pertinent and timely programs and social events for the neighborhood.

SECTION 3: - FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE The Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for developing and executing fundraisers throughout the year.

SECTION 4: - DISTRIBUTION COMMITTEE The Block Captains will disseminate and/or distribute all informational notices to residents of Glen Afton.

SECTION 5: - MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE The Membership Committee shall engage in developing membership and encouraging participation in GACA.

SECTION 6: - SPECIAL COMMITTEES Special Committees for special purposes or projects shall be appointed by the President as the need arises. All committees must report to the Executive Committee for project approval.



SECTION 1: Any GACA member in good standing may propose an amendment to the Constitution and Bylaws at any regular meeting. Proposals to amend shall be voted on at the following regular meeting and a simple majority is required for adoption.



SECTION 1: Robert's Rules of Order, latest edition, shall be recognized as the authority's governing the meetings of the GACA, the Executive Board, and committees in all instances wherein the provisions do not conflict with this Constitution and Bylaws.




**Ratified as of September 12, 2007 by a majority of the Glen Afton Community Association.